Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're finally getting settled...

We're finally getting settled in our new home just north of Tampa. The area is called Lutz, it is it's own city, but Tampa expanded to the line.
Since the time has changed I've been antsy to commute to work via bicycle and this week I have managed to do so. 2 rides in, one ride home. The distance is approximately 16 miles. Last year I put just over 500 miles into commuting. I'll try to beat that this year. Monday I rode home on my Quisby geared 650B mountain bike, I just swapped out to road slicks. Yesterday and today I rode the Qwijybo in single speed mode. I really love single speed bikes. I'm currently working on finished a paid build, then back to the Q-Muter. I can't forget to put fender mounts on that frame.
mind dribble:
James Frames bike:
trim handle bars
apply wheel decals
swap fork to Maverick SC32
paint Velocity 650B Blunt black(maybe)

Replace knobbie tires- install Kenda Nevegal 650B x 2.35"
onto true Stan's wheels
true disc rotor.

Install BXC wheels with Neomoto tires
cross finger for enough tubes.

Organize tubes for Clay's frame
Get an idea running for "DCLb" project.
Find scraps for Gavin's skoot bike

Don't forget yard work.

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