Friday, February 12, 2010

See, I'm bad at this.

Ok, I'm totally forgot about this blog, sorry.
-I'm building bike frames and attempting to get the photography biz setup.
-I have a business credit card so 650B Palace should be getting some product for sale on it. Yippie.
-I have designed a new frame and began working on it tonight.
-I smell like metal.
-We got a new camera recently.
- Gavin will be 3 soon. Damn how time flies. I remember bringing him home from the hospital. The Black Parade was the first song played in the car on the drive. I'll never forget that.
-Gavin is potty trained!
-We got a dog. The dog is not potty trained. It keeps shitting in my shop.
-I am finishing a TREK 930 rebuild into a 650B-Bridgestone xo-1 type bike. It's pretty rad. I need to pick a color.
-I need to shower.
-Logging off.