Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm bad at updating.

So I run a few blogs....and this one gets updated the least. Sorry.
I just returned from lacrosse practice. I found a guy taking shots on a goal near Destiny's old school back in December. His name is Don and his son also plays lacrosse. I talked with him briefly the I met him and we swapped numbers in case he needed another player for them Firefighter team he wanted to start up for a summer league. Don called me so I've been showing up for practices, some of which only he and I showed up to. I guess fire fighters aren't as dependable when off-duty. This week and last we managed to has 6 guys total. Which made things fun enough to get rough and get tired. My buddy Pickkle from high school visited in the beginning of May and brought some of my old lacrosse gear from Houston. Playing without gloves is totally different and with. This week 3 guys has gloves and 3 new guys had purchased their own sticks. That's nice- and shows some sort of dedication (at least to come to practice).
I played lacrosse through my high school years, but couldn't find anyone to play with when I moved to Nebraska. So, my (ancient) gear has been untouched since 2000. It's nice to be back into it again-something different than bikes.
Here are a few images from the last practice in May.

We weren't doing anything fast or challenging. I did alot of feeding from behind the goal so the newbies can get a feel for catching and shooting on the goal. We didn't a crease around the goal (forbidden for offensive players to step into), but we did our best. No goalie either. All in good time. At the least we have a goal to shoot on.