Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fixed Fight Weekend

I spent all night Friday getting this bike ready to show at Fixed Fight 3 on Saturday morning. I finshed the build at 5am, then went to bed (or couch in this case) for a few hours before my grandmother arrived for the first babysitting shift. I was at Cafe Bohemia from Noon until 8:30 pm. I was wasted- energy wise. I rode half of the FF3 course and took a few images and video. I'll post afterward.
The QuickSliver was a hit. I built it up with lots of MTB parts, so some folks were thrown off of its intended use. Is is a 29er? Or a fixed gear? Yes. I figure this is a fixed cross bike of sorts. Plenty of room for knobbies or the 700x35 commutting tires I had installed. The 20mm thru axle MTB fork made for conversation as well. Hopefully, I will make a custom fork for this beast in the future.
Tampa local Dave Horst won the race; he and I will be collaborating on a custom frame for him to continue his winning streak. Good Job Dave.
Heres and image of Dave holding the trophy I made.Images by Parker Young

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