Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Commuting Bags...

i just picked up the Covert from BlackDiamond. I've used it 2x this week and it's a pretty nice bag. dual compartments, and it hydration pack ready. On it's right shoulder strap is an insulated pocket for the hydro hose. It also has a zipper to keep it out of the way while on trails. There is also a media device pocket at the top (remains unused in my bag). There is a chest strap and a waist strap, both of which are more comfortable than my Camelback straps.
This was designed as a snowboarding/skiing pack. So inside there are straps for emergency avalanche gear ( these also go unused here in Tampa, FL).
The backing portion is nicely padded with a ventilation channel.
Am emergency whistle is integrated into the chest strap buckle, which is a nice feature for trail use...
I demo'd a Deuter years ago and hated it. This is a huge difference from that bag. These come in two volumes: 22 L (1,343 cu in),32 L (1,953 cu in).

Today I packed one pair of my Airwalk flat shoes, a rain jacket, shorts, clean underwear, shirt, wallet, keys on a caribeiner, a flat pack of pink salmon, and other bar type snacks. Plenty of room for a typical "Jeremy commute." The waist harness was very comfortable and I quickly forgot I had it on. I'm anxious to use this on the trail instead of my Camelbak HAWG. I thought the HAWG would be plenty, but if I go for a longer ride I'll need to pack food. With the Covert I know I'll have plenty of room for my bike tubes, grub, and other provisions. As well as my hydration bladder, ala Camelbak.
Definitely a diparture from this bag

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