Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up.

I was able to get some stuff taken care of:

Mowed and weed-eated the lawn, and trimmed back dead brush. We have a 'dock' in the back over looking what used to be a nice water reservoir, but is currently muddy muck; well I managed to cut down all the over growth of palnts and small trees prohibiting it's use. The steps to the lower landing have all but rotted away and will need to be replaced. There were 2 small trees growing up through the bottom that I "took care of." They won't be back.

My James Frames MTB is back and running, I hope to hit some trails very soon on it. Since the move I love much farther than before from the trails. <--- bummer!

check out my site for images of the James Frames bike.
I'll photo my "dock" tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow also bring the 1 year Aniversary of the Tampa Bay Bike Co-Op, which I've been volunteering the last few months. I'll be attending with my gear, to fix some bicycles. The Co-Op is opening it's new location tomorrow.

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