Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I was only there for a few hours. My buddy and co-worker Tyler went down hard on Sunday during a crit race in St.Petersburg. He was knocked unconscious and reportedly had a seizure as well. He was rushed to emergency care where doctors found a few things wrong: A broken collar bone, broken rib(s), and his lung was collapsing. I guess one of his busted ribs damaged his right side lung. He had surgury Monday morning where a valve was installed to remove the remaining air in his lung so he could begin the process of reinflating it on his own. Luckily he had no sustained head trauma. Alas he could not avoid the road rash. His right shoulder, knee and ass cheek were all beat to Hell. His palms came out unscathed, but his knuckles took some wear.
Drug induced, Tyler recollected the events the best he knew to myself, Brandon K and Kristy A. While the pack was moving very quickly, around 28mph, everyone stood up to begin the last lap. A Catagory 5 rookie attepted to advance through the pack, rather than on the outside edge. He passed Tyler on the left then attempted to get in front of Tyler. Note, this is not the proper way to pass the competition. The novice's rear shifting mechanism became entangled in Tyler's front wheel breaking spokes and taking Tyler to the asphalt. 2 other riders went down as well. All this occur just moments after a rider in front of Tyler took a turn too wide, hit cones and ejcted from the bike. Tyler ran over the front wheel of that rider's bike. Tylers wowed himself by staying upright during that interferance, only to be taken down a few turns later.

Tyler took over Brandon's position at American Classic over a year ago. They were all on the USF Cycling Team until recently.
I found out above Tyler's accident from Kristy on Monday morning via a text message say "Did you hear about Tyler?" Immediatly when I read something like that pertaining to a cycling friend i assume they did not win the lottery, but rather were involved in a crash. Brandon, Kristy, and Tyler all lost a cycling comrade in Josh Kuck. Josh was stuck by a truck during an organized ride near Dady City, FL. Since then, Brandon and Kristy are ever hesitant to remount their cycles for road riding.
I neglected to leave home with my camera yesterday, so images of Tylers battles scares will no grace this post. So, this blog remains wordy without visual stimulation. Today I will not forget my camera, regardless of the day's events.
My best wishes goto Tyler for a speedy recovery. He is to be released from the hosiptal very soon. Godspeed pal.

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