Saturday, March 21, 2009


Last weekned I participated in the Squiggy 6hr MTB race. I entered the Solo sport category. It really didn't matter what category I raced in as I wasn't competing. I just enjoy participating. Anyways, I was browsing for photos from the race, and found some. I took a few (around 400) on the course while takign a break from the course. They can be found on my Flickr account. Search "cyclotography" or "cracked headtube" for now. I'll post a link in the side bar shortly.

For now here are the images I found. Usually I'm the one with the camera, so I don't have very many photos of me in the bike. I got to take out my new, custom built 650B MTB from JAMES FRAMES in Colorado. It preformedwell, but needs component tweaks. I only had one riser bar left in my inventory of parts, and it was a DH with 40mm of rise, TOO MUCH. JP and I designed the frame together, but I think it's a little on the tall side, which is fine. I borrowed some Crank Bros Candy pedals, but I have trouble unclipping my right foot as I have an OLD injury to me knee from BMXing that I never had repaired. It only limits me from using Crank Bros pedals. SPDs are fine but I get a squeak from my cleat every rotation. I digress. Standover height is worrisom only when I cannot unclip quickly.
The saddle I put on the James Frame killed my arse. Me and Bontrager saddles do not get along. I knoew this before riding, but I gave it a shot anyway. Big mistake. My THE Lux saddle is way more compfy. I also like the THE Hustle saddle.
650B bikes only from here on out. I rode the James Frame and my own Quijano Bike Co. Quisby 650B steel hardtail. The James Frame is aluminum.

Summary Links:
James Frames
Quijano Bike Co
Crank Bros

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